We’re Kendall and Casey—the two best friends behind Adult Spring Break. Over the years, our friendship grew from a mutual love of travel, good food, and even better beverages. That’s why we created a line of craft cocktails that gives you ready-to-drink convenience with artisanal quality. Because everyone deserves a taste of luxury.


When Was the Last Time You Took a Break?

Between all of life’s responsibilities, it can be hard to take time for ourselves. But everyone needs a chance to unwind from the daily grind. At Adult Spring Break, we believe that taking a break isn’t selfish. It’s self-care. So, we created cocktails that taste like decadence and make every moment feel like a vacation.

In fact, the idea of an Adult Spring Break started with our own annual friends’ trip down to Palm Springs (and during the pandemic—but more on that later). Many of our cocktail creations were first poured around that sunny poolside—made by the pitcher and shared over loud laughter.

It only seemed fitting to pay homage to their origin and name our drinks after that perfect getaway. Those days are some of our most treasured memories, and we want to share that homemade nostalgia and refreshing relaxation with you.


From Quarantine to cocktail brand

The idea for turning our annual Adult Spring Break trip into a premium, ready-to-drink cocktail line began in the quiet moments of the 2020 quarantine.

One day during a quarantine walk, while sipping on some ready-to-drink cocktails, Casey and Kendall started discussing how none of the ready-to-drink options on the market felt truly ready to drink. If you don’t know Kendall, she makes a mean cocktail and has been doing so consistently for over a decade at her two Indianapolis establishments. As someone who has been frequenting Kendall’s businesses for several years, Casey felt compelled to ask Kendall why she didn’t create a ready to drink of her own.

The two started seriously considering the question—and then decided with Casey’s prior business and logistical experience and Kendall’s palate and expertise in the spirits industry, there’s no reason they shouldn’t build a brand of their own.

Founders Kendall and Casey out of focus holding two Adult Spring Break bottles in focus.


Craft Cocktail Quality in the Comfort of Your Home

Our cocktails give you a taste of handcrafted luxury you can savor anytime and anywhere. We’ve perfected the ready-to-drink cocktail experience, creating delightfully balanced beverages ready to pour over ice.

And we only use all-natural ingredients that your body knows how to process, with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

“Creating a balanced cocktail is like cooking a beautiful meal. You start with the freshest ingredients and ensure the items chosen complement the ‘Star’ of the dish, or in this case, our hand-selected premium spirits.”

Casey Whitley & Kendall Lockwood



More than anything, our mission is to create a better world while crafting better cocktails. Our drinks are designed for everyday relaxation, but we hope our business leaves a lasting legacy of compassion and integrity. We commit to regularly giving back to our community with charitable donations and supporting inclusive organizations around the globe.

At Adult Spring Break, we also care about our environmental impact and always operate with sustainability in mind. With every bottle sold, we are investing in ways to improve our processes and reduce our footprint. As a small business, we know this journey will take time. However, our long-term goal is no less than zero-waste production and fully sustainable packaging.

We are just at the beginning of our sustainability journey, but your support helps us get closer to our goal—one sip at a time.


Whether you’re traveling the world or lounging at home, Adult Spring Break cocktails are made for making memories. Our drinks pair perfectly with poolside parties, bubble bath relaxation, and nights around the campfire with your favorite people. Simply pour yourself a glass and enjoy some time to indulge.